Saudi Defence Goes Local: Half Of The Kingdom’s Military Needs Will Be In-House By 2030

Saudi men are seen at General Dynamics stand displaying the latest defence system at World Defense Show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, March 6, 2022. REUTERS/Ahmed Yosri

Surrounded by weapon systems, armored cars, stealth cruise missiles, and fighter bombers, to name a few – Saudi Arabia has unveiled its plan to ‘localize’ the sourcing of half of its military needs by 2030 and announced that it’ll set aside $72 billion for military expenditure this year (2024), which is $3 billion increase since last year (2023). 

This military-themed setting unfolded over the course of the five-day World Defense Show in the Capital Riyadh, which ended two days ago.

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This event serves as a global hub for all defense and security talks, gathering official delegations, government officials, royal visitors, and executives from Saudi Arabia and around the world to share the latest technological developments happening in the defense sector.

What Are The Kingdom’s Steps So Far?

Saudi’s General Authority for Military Industries (Gami) has collaborated with 11 prominent international firms, aiming to “localize” defense production within the country, as mentioned by the authority’s governor, Ahmad Al Ohali.

It has also showcased its achievements in the defense sectors, promoting its use of space warfare and drone technology toward its 2030 military vision.

This comes as part of its Vision 2030 Plan, which seeks to diversify its economy by going ‘local’ across various industries, be it tourism, arts, real estate, and others. It’s also worth mentioning that this is the second edition of the World Defense Show, scheduled to take place biennially.

Amidst all of its tech investments, which sector will go local next in the Kingdom? Only time will tell.

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