Who Said Valentine’s Day Can’t Be A Family Day? Here Are Some Cool Ideas On How To Feel The Love This Week

It’s around the corner – just a matter of days till we see the walk of the ‘red’ across the globe, courtesy of February 14, Valentine’s Day. So you’ll find your ‘taken’ friends looking around for gifts, and if you’re ‘single’ in the world of ‘mingle,’ you’ll start searching for a corner to speak your sorrows.

Let’s face the truth: Singles can starting feeling blue as Valentine’s Day approaches. However, you’ll be faced with two options: either dwell into your melancholy state for not meeting your other half yet or find ways to cheer up yourself.

If you’ll opt for the latter option, then buckle up as we show you how to face your Valentine’s Day without a lover but with your family or support system. Here’s to a family Valentine’s!

How to Create Your Own Family Valentine’s

Here are some ideas to spend your Valentine’s Day with your family!

Outdoor Ideas

If you want to spend some quality time outdoors, check out these activities:

  • Book Tickets for Your Preferred Show: Find local plays, performances, concerts, and the like. We’d recommend a choice that all family members would enjoy, though!
  • Watch a Movie in the Cinema: Head to the nearest cinema, book a ticket, buy popcorn, chips, and drinks, and enjoy your time. P.S. Choose a feel-good movie – so don’t go for Rehla 404; it’s emotionally draining. See it on the 15th instead!
  • A Long Car Ride: Hop into your car, raise the music sound, and start dancing and singing with your dear ones.
  • Food Time: Try a new restaurant, cuisine, or food experience. For instance, if you’re an Asian food fan, go live a ‘hot pot’ experience with your family, where you’ll literally cook your food yourself. You’d find some nice spots in Maadi.
  • Do a Family Photoshoot: That sounds a bit Western, but it’s loads of fun. Try having a professional photoshoot at your local store if you’ve never tried it. It also works as a new family experience/activity.
Via Kinder Region

Indoor Ideas

If you’d rather stay in, we compiled some cool family things to do in the comfort of your home:

  • Watch a Valentine-Themed Movie: We’re not mocking you here. Gather your family, flip through the channels on your TV, or surf a movie on the internet, prepare some popcorn, and enjoy together. Maybe even make it a ‘critic’ activity. Hint: Watch ‘Hob El Banat,’ the sister trio we can’t get enough of.
  • Make a Small Love-Song Karaoke: Nothing complicated: Just surf YouTube, play a song, make a contest, and take turns laughing at each family member. Some cheesy songs to sing: ‘Bahebak Wana Kaman,’ ‘Nassini Wana Ganbak,’ and ‘Heb Khalli El Nas Teheb.’
  • Cook Together: Chop anything into a ‘heart’ shape. Potatoes, carrots, bananas, strawberries, you name it – whatever comes to mind, chop, cook, and eat!
  • Play ‘Without a Word,’ aka ‘Aflam’: Divide yourself into two groups, and start playing. Give losers a tough time, and make the game even spicier.
  • Decorate the House: Valentine’s is red? Then let your house go red, temporarily. Hearts, balloons, crayons, paint, flowers – anything. Go creative and craft with your family.
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Wrapping Up

These ideas won’t only fill an emotional void on Valentine’s, but will also create a special bonding moment with your family, so embrace their love!

And keep in mind that every day could be Valentine’s, as cheesy as it sounds, so don’t let tradition trap you there. Close your eyes, picture your dream story, and believe that it’s going to happen, one day or another.