Sarahah Launches a New App to Report Workplace Harassment Anonymously!

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The Saudi-based tech giant, Sarahah, that was the number one app back in 2017, has launched a new dedicated service for employers to receive anonymous feedback from their staff. Sarahah attracted a lot of attention from the local, regional, and international media, and we’re excited to see how the new platform will do.

Via MenaBytes

Enoff aims to help organizations create a healthy work environment by having their staff report any kind of workplace issues including safety, harassment, discrimination, and theft anonymously. The tech powerhouse stated, “The new enterprise app and website provides a platform for employees and employers to engage in confidential dialogue to foster a safe and positive work environment.”

Employers can use the app by creating an account for their company and invite their team to join and submit their feedback anonymously. They can do so through the app or the website, and the employers have the option to respond to that feedback. However, if your employer hasn’t created a company account, then you’ll need to find another way to let your employer know what’s happened. One way you could get around this is by reaching out to an employment lawyer, such as or others similar. Getting help if you’ve been harassed in the workplace can be difficult, but it’s important that you let someone know. Whether it’s looking at anonymous apps like Enoff, or by seeking financial advice from a lawyer.

“Our mission has always been to create a service to help people. The first app we built aimed to help people feel comfortable sharing honest and constructive feedback. Now, by launching Enoff online and on the App Store, we’re hoping to create a safe digital space for companies where they can receive feedback about workplace issues from their employees in an easy manner without having them disclose their identities,” said Zain-Alabdin Tawfiq, Founder and CEO of Sarahah.

WE SAID THIS: Let’s hope that Enoff will successfully keep our work environments safe and healthy!