Salma Abu Deif’s Acting Skills Blossom This Ramadan

TV this Ramadan has been anything but fulfilling. Some of the biggest stars that we’ve been following since the 90s were missing from our screens for the first time ever. Add to that slow-paced plots, cliché scripts and actors who seemed too lazy to actually act on screen.

Yet, 2019 has been a blessing for many young and fresh faces and Salma Abu Deif is one of them. Remember the days when some viewers criticized her in Halawet ElDonya? Well, Abu Deif just proved her haters wrong and she literally blossomed this year.

Abu Deif starred alongside TV queen, Ghada Abdel Raziq, in Hadotet Morra. The plot follows the story of Morra who suffered as a child with her prostitute mother and decides to change her fate, only for her kids to get sold off. Morra kills her husband and start a new life by marrying a rich man.

Abu Deif plays her step-daughter who has been through agony due to being on the receiving end of Morra’s mistreatment. The actress showed us all that with time comes growth and it’s not a matter of having talent or not.

It’s obvious that Abu Deif has been working on her performance skills especially in her tragic scenes with Ghada Abdel Raziq. The same cannot be said for many established actresses this year yet we will choose not to call them out.

This is Salma’s third Ramadan show. The model/actress has participated in other Ramadan sensations such as Ladayna Aqwal Okhra, La Totfea ElShams, and Halawet Eldonya, as well as starring in the feature-length motion picture Sheikh Jackson.

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