Salma Abu Deif, Enjy Kiwan, and Others Join Forces With UNICEF for Syria’s Children

By Muhammed Aladdin.

Syria has seen eight years of constant war in what some experts have called the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. According to UNICEF, children are suffering the most.

Estimates put the number of children in need of urgent humanitarian aid at five million, with almost half forcefully displaced from their homes. Undeniably, the ultimate loss was that of the children, many have lost their homes, loved ones, and their own lives.

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The reality is far more gruesome than words could ever describe, but it is not too late. We could still make a difference with simple acts of kindness that could ripple throughout this war-torn Arab nation.

UNICEF’s ‘Give Hope to Syrian Children’ initiative is looking to make a difference. Volunteers with the U.N. will actively work to provide Syrian children with life-saving supplies including medicine, vaccines, healthcare, water, and food. 

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Furthermore, the initiative plans to provide psychological support and safe environments for them to thrive. UNICEF wants your help to rebuild these children’s lives. According to their website, every AED 250 donated can save a child’s life from acute malnutrition.

In order to get this message through, UNICEF asked Egyptian Actress Salma Abu Deif, TV Presenter and Humanitarian Enjy Kiwan, TV Presenter Raya Abirached, and Singer Layla Kardan to help them get their message to the public.

In a heartwarming video, these four empowering women of the Arab World relay a message of hope to people of the MENA region and beyond. Each of them spoke of equal rights and opportunities for young Syrians in education, health, leadership, and empowerment. At the end of the one-minute feature, they asked people if they want to be a part of this movement; a part of an investment into our humanity and the region’s future.

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