Algerian Model Younes Bendjima Goes to Umrah And Shares it All on Instagram

Just when you least expect it, you find religious content in Younes Bendjima‘s Instagram stories. The Algerian model and ex-boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian took to social media to document one of the most spiritual journeys a Muslim can ever experience: Umrah.

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the burn that leaves you cold

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From the minute the 26-year-old model landed in Jeddah, he started sharing every detail and made us feel like we were right there with him. You come across stories of people performing Umrahs all the time, but it felt different coming from a high-profile Muslim supermodel living in America. It shed light on the peaceful ritual and shattered stereotypes regarding Muslims.

Bendjima starts by explaining that his faith means everything to him, then shared footage of Jeddah, Al-Madinah Al-Monawarah, prayers in Mecca and his minimal fitar that left him feeling humbled.

Here are some of the moments Younes Bendjima shared with his followers:

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