Roll Your Way Through Cairo’s Sushi Restaurants

Within the thriving and bustling hub of Cairo’s food scene is one type of meal adored by many. Serving rolled bite-sized seafood delicacies known as sushi, today these restaurants are on every foodie’s radar as well as one of the top hangout spots for group outings. Nothing beats the diversity of options you get to pick from as well as getting to share big portions with your group of friends. Knowing its appeal, we put together a collection of our favorite sushi spots across Cairo that we believe deserve a visit.


Branches: New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, Maadi, Zamalek, Heliopolis & Ard El Golf

Opening Hours: 12pm-12am

After opening its first branch at Ard El Golf, the Japanese-inspired fusion restaurant became an instant hit. Its biggest crowd pleasers are the Philadelphia, Hot Lemon and Dynamite rolls. The Japanese joint is also known to offer unique concoctions like their Volcano Philadelphia Fried Rolls filled with fried shrimp, crab meat, cream cheese with a topping of smoked salmon and a crunchy layer of panko. Best part about Garnell is that you can create your own combo, ranging from 16 to 100 pieces.

Mori Sushi

Branches: Open all across Cairo

Opening Hours: 12 pm-12 am

All across Cairo, Mori Sushi has become a household name and is probably one of the most popular sushi spots on the list. It started off as a small and ambitious restaurant in São Paulo before it made its way to Egypt and opened its first branch in 2007. The brand is so popular, it has multiple branches in Cairo as well as a standalone branch in Dubai. It is known for its artisanal dishes and unique sushi creations including its Gunkan Crispy Salmon made from panko salmon, avocado and ponzu sauce.

Ama Sushi

Branches: New Cairo, Heliopolis, Obour & Sheikh Zayed

Opening Hours: 12 pm-12 am

Unbeatable in taste and quality, Ama Sushi is that one sushi joint you’ll go to knowing that you will enjoy every bite. Just as with any sushi branch, they offer an eclectic range of combos, starting from 12 pieces all the way to their 70 piece combo. As with Garnell, their most popular choices are their hot lemon as well as their Philadelphia roll. For an extra kick, you can try out their crunchy roll made of goulash as well as their triangular bermuda rolls.

Makino Japanese Restaurant

Branch: Hilton Cairo Zamalek

Opening Hours: 12pm – 11:30 pm

Makino is that one sushi joint that also knows how to serve up authentic and eclectic Japanese food. Exuding luxury, the restaurant is housed within the Hilton Cairo Zamalek and is known for its delicious ramen and probably the freshest salmon sashimi in all of Cairo.

Sushi Town

Branches: Heliopolis & New Cairo

Opening Hours: 12 pm – 12 am

Serving quality sushi in two branches across Cairo is Sushi Town, a casual Japanese joint known for its reasonably priced menu. The restaurant serves all kinds of sushi, from spicy hot lemon, hot ura & special gunkan to nigri and oshi sushi. They also have special combos ranging from 16 pieces for 115 LE to 100 pieces for 616 LE.


Branch: New Cairo

Opening Hours: 2 pm – 2 am

Offering a contemporary high-end Japanese dining experience in the heart of Cairo is Kazoku. It was ranked 12th on the Middle East & North Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023 list. Within its expansive and low-lit restaurant, guests enjoy main dishes such as their fried ebi maki, black cod gyoza and even a dessert bento box. Along with that, they are also known for their delicious sushi including their trio maki made up of salmon, sea bass and tuna as well as their spicy volcano sushi.


Branches: New Cairo & Sheikh Zayed

Opening Hours: 12 pm – 12 am

The Pan-Asian restaurant made a name for itself in Egypt after opening its very first branch back in 2018 in Alexandria. Then it made its way to Cairo in August 2020, drawing in Asian food lovers from across the city. Through their pan-Asian menu, guests get to indulge in an eclectic mix of famous dishes from across Asia. At Numa, you can have Singaporean noodles, Thai Basil chicken and then experience the flavors of India through their Kulfi Ice Cream. Their Japanese food is also quite popular especially their luxurious sushi options like their tuna truffle rolls as well as their saffron rolls.


Branch: Downtown

Opening Hours: 5 pm – 1 am

Sitting within Fairmont Nile City is the Pan-Asian fine dining restaurant that offers signature twists on Asian cuisine. At this restaurant, you’ll get to enjoy elegant interiors as well as stunning Nile river views. Along with that, it also boasts an impressive menu of Pan-Asian delicacies including Chinese duck spring rolls, Thai Tom Yum soup and an eclectic sushi menu of nigiri, sashimi and maki rolls.


Branches: Heliopolis & Sheikh Zayed

Opening Hours: 2pm – 1am

Just like Kazoku, Sachi stands tall as one of the restaurants that made it onto MENA’s 50 best 2023 list. Unlike Kazoku, Sachi boasts a menu that combines Mediterranean and Asian flavors and for the ones with a soft spot for Japanese cuisine, they are known for their unparalleled sushi and sashimi including their salmon tataki.

Reif Kushiyaki

Branch: New Cairo

Opening Hours: 12pm – 1am

Another restaurant that is part of the MENA top 50 list is the Japanese-Peruvian joint known infamously as Reif Kushiyaki. The eatery is famous for its rich menu of Asian crowd favorites including vegetable noodles, raw fish selections as well as takoyaki and Akami Tuna. Their sushi is also unique and includes options like seabass nigiri and vegetable maki.

With this collection of sushi spots, you will be able to enjoy an eclectic range of Japanese delicacies offered in a wide range of prices and locations across Cairo.

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