Start Your Day Off Right At Egypt’s Top Breakfast Spots

Knowing that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, we decided to compile together the best spots across all of Egypt that serve up the most delicious morning spread. Some of these spots lay off the beaten path while others are so well-known they have become everyone’s go-to breakfast choice. From Cairo all the way to Port Said, lets find out where you can get your morning fix across Egypt.

Ralph’s German Bakery, Cairo

Serving up Bavarian cuisine at its finest is the Dahab eatery that is now a major breakfast spot in Cairo. Definitely go for their full English breakfast spread but we also recommend trying out some of their Bavarian delicacies including the Ralph’s Bavarian Farmer made of meatloaf terrine and fried eggs as well as their Bavarian Cherry Noodle.

Delices, Alexandria

This historic gem opened up its doors way back in 1922 by a Greek family and today, it remains as one of Alexandria’s ultimate getaways into its rich past. Beyond its history, this eatery is home to some unique hearty breakfast options with our top recommendation being their English breakfast made up of eggs, sausages, enormous spiced wedges and even a yogurt with mixed fruits.

Tim’s Munch, Dahab

For a taste of serenity and unmatched views, Dahab’s Tim’s Munch, the rooftop beach eatery overlooking the Red Sea is the place to go. While taking in the view, you can enjoy their eclectic breakfast options that range from Eggs-in-a-hole to maple pancakes and mini pancakes.

Hawaii, Damietta

Located in Damietta’s famous Ras El Bar. Hawaii probably has one the most Instagrammable views of any restaurant in Egypt as you can see the Mediterranean sea and Nile river actually meet. Beyond that, you need to try their beid bil basterma (pastrami omelet) as it packs the perfect blend of creamy and salty flavors.

Mohamed Ahmed, Alexandria

With any breakfast, nothing can beat the simplicity of good’ol Egyptian spread of fan favorite classics including foul and falafel. For that type of breakfast, we highly recommend one of Alexandria’s most popular breakfast spot known as Mohamed Ahmed. Fun fact, this eatery was featured on The Guardian for having the best falafel in the world.

Bake My Day, Cairo

One of the newest spots joining Cairo’s breakfast and brunch scene is Bake My Day, the Dutch eatery that made its way to Egypt. Set within a brightly lit, high ceiling restaurant, guests get to enjoy an eclectic range of dishes whether its their freshly baked crampolin (croissant wheel) or their sandwiches including their smashed avocado and Nordic smoked salmon sandwiches.

Gianola , Port Said

Located on one of Port Said’s most famous streets, Tarh El Bahr, Gianola knows how to serve a delicious breakfast. We highly recommend going for their feeter (pie) with melted cheese but get ready for a food coma right after.

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Wadi Haroun, Fayoum

This isn’t specifically a restaurant but in Wadi Haroun you can ask the local bedouns to whip up a breakfast for you, and oh the things they’ll do. Their white cheese and tomato sandwiches, feeter (pie) with black honey and tehina will improve your life by 200%.

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The Bagel Tree, El Gouna

If you are craving a different kind of breakfast, then you should head to El Gouna’s The Bagel Tree. Everyday, they serve freshly baked bagels, donuts and much more. They take bagels to a whole new level with unique creations like their Saint Tropez, made of Mediterranean tuna, thinly sliced egg and tomatoes.

Bruxie’s, Alexandria

Ever since it opened its doors, the European-style bistro  called Bruxie’s has become a fan favorite among most Alexandrians and even made its way to Cairo. At Bruxie’s, they like to go for a big and filling breakfast, serving dishes like their long mushroom omelette served atop a large toast or their massive pancakes drizzled in all types of sauces.  

Yum Yum, Dahab

Everything about Dahab’s Yum Yum is pretty unique, from its mustard yellow walls and green posters about garlic to its unique wall messages like “Just… eat good, feel good, do good.” Beyond that, this eatery is known to serve some delicious crispy falafel and even fried cauliflower.

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Malu’s Deli, El Gouna

For that healthy breakfast experience, the kind that satisfies both your body and soul, Malu’s Deli is the place to go. Each of their breakfast items give you that needed fuel to start the day including their protein-packed eggs and crispy bacon. They also serve delicious chia coconut pudding topped with seasonal fruits as well as their signature smoothie bowl filled with dried fruits, almond milk, mango, nuts and homemade granola.

Toasted, Cairo

Made with toast lovers in mind, Cairo’s Toasted is all about that crispy bread. You can choose from their sourdough loaf, white toast or ciabatta, with each kind of sandwich served with unique fillings including roasted turkey with berries and shrimp sloppy joe.

With it being the start of the summer season, hitting up any of these breakfast spots will make for the perfect outing to start off your day. With most of these restaurants and cafes being new additions to Egypt’s food scene, we have a feeling there are even more exciting breakfast spots opening up soon.

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