Rejoice, 90s Kids, Fido Dido Is Back!

Via 7UP

I remember back in the old days when it was cool to doodle an illustration of 7UP’s Fido Dido on school textbooks when we zoned out in class. Whether you grew up with the habit or not, if you’re a 90s kid, you’d definitely get excited when I tell you that the super chill wriggly-haired character is back on 7UP’s cans!

I almost hit another car when I stumbled upon a billboard on my way to work the other day, for real!

Turns out that PepsiCo is celebrating its 90th anniversary with the quirky character’s comeback! After all, what’s better than provoking nostalgia amongst an entire generation? Sending everyone on a trip down memory lane is a well-played move, that’s for sure. 

Fido Dido is back to being the face on 7UP’s cans worldwide and not just in the region. For years, Fido never failed to push us towards being comfortable in our own skin. The laid back unwinding feeling is as refreshing as the lemon-lime fizzy drink. And just like the “Feels Good to be You” campaign aced it before, it’s about time to send this important message to the upcoming generation in this increasingly connected world we live in today. 

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