Recapping Will Smith’s Adventure Across Saudi Arabia

Last night, March 21, American actor, Will Smith, took to his Instagram to show his love for Saudi following his trip last weekend. “Wow. This was a whirlwind trip of 1sts. My first time to a camel race, my first time seeing the ancient remains of Hegra, my first time to the world’s largest mirrored building, then topping it off at F1!” With that, let’s take a closer look at his stops across the Kingdom.

The first stop on his itinerary was to hit up the inauguration of the annual AlUla camel cup. Supporting his long-time friend and Grammy-winning record producer Swizz Beatz, who’s the first American to participate with a camel racing team in Saudi.

Along with Beatz, Smith was accompanied by Mohamed Al Turki, the CEO of the Red Sea International Film Festival, Saudi director and actress, Fatima AlBanawi and Phillip Jones, Chief Tourism Officer at the Royal Commission for AlUla who lent a helping hand in showing him around the Middle Eastern city.

The Aladdin star then ventured off to UNESCO World Heritage spot “Hegra,” an archaeological site that highlights ancient Nabataean civilization remains.

Ending his stop at AlUla, the actor visited visual artist, Andy Warhol’s exhibition at the ‘Maraya’ mirrored arts complex. Where he took to his Instagram to share a video of himself enjoying the art, captioning the video, “perfect balance of air, helium and ingenuity- Andy Warhol’s Silver Clouds at Experience AlUla was fantastic!”

Following his zero gravity experience among silver-esque balloons, Smith headed off to Jeddah for the 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

The Men In Black star not only attended the Grand Prix but joked about being too close to the tracks, not being able to hear anything, when he posted another video again on Instagram documenting his exciting trip.

Smith’s trip, however, ended on a high when Egyptian singer, Ahmed Saad posted to his Instagram a shot along with Smith post his F1 concert where Smith was captured jamming along to his hits. Giving us the duo we never knew we needed.

Though back in 2017, Smith made way his across Africa from Egypt to Morocco, this is considered his first time visiting the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia is rapidly becoming an entertainment scene for everything that is arts and culture. Welcoming celebrities such as Smith from across the globe for various excursions, ranging from art exhibitions to camel races.

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