From Cool Breezes to Exhibitions, all the Reasons we Love Fall

The Fall season is upon us, and we couldn’t think of a better time to fall in love again with all the weather with all the leaves falling in the background. Summer’s heat is breaking and with it all the hassle and business. Although for all lovers of the sun and sea it might be a dreary season, but we argue not! Here are some of the things we love about the Fall.

The Weather

We know the cliche of listening to Fairouz while laying back and seeing the wind blow the curtains, but we can never deny that it’s a popular thing for a reason. The easy breeze in the morning, and cool chill in the evening give us chills and a break from the unrelenting sun that’s been roasting us for the past summer months. The chance to enjoy the weather and a good song, regardless of what genre it might be, and zoning out is a golden one for those who want to clear out their minds.

The Fashion

via Kendam

I don’t Know about you, but Fall fashion steals the show every year. From unique layered looks, to having the opportunity to actually cozy up in a cardigan or a jacket, the Fall is prime season for sweater weather. The time for experimenting with golden, deep, and bronze tones is now, and you best believe that we will take advantage of it.

The Views

Breathtaking sunsets, gentle showers in the evening, and the smell of winter in the air all make this time of year a precious one. Just being in the streets and taking in the glory of the day’s end is sufficient reason to absolutely adore the fall. Nature calls upon all of us in this reason, take a break and notice the leaves falling, and feel your self drifting away.

The Food

When was the last time you sat down and enjoyed a nice warm cup of hot chocolate? Missed the feeling? Yeah, we did too. All the yummy warm deliciousness you can fill your self up with without feeling too stuffed or sweat yourself out is now up for grabs. And if you ask us, nothing heals the soul than a nice warm bowl of soup.

All The Things to Do

The Fall is known to be the peak season for cultural events and the arts. From chill concerts and intimate shows, to captivating art exhibitions, festivals and installations, the months of September to November are ripe with experiences that make you feel whole and filled with wonder.

It’s A Great Time To Fall In Love

It doesn’t mean you need a partner, no not at all. Whether it be enjoying this beautiful time of year with someone you care about, or spending time to get to know yourself and truly loving it, the easy air of the season gives you clarity to allow yourself to experience the most profound and deep emotions. Take the chance to relish it and be in touch with yourself.

The weather is changing and that isn’t always a bad thing. In this case, the winds of change bring with them the gentle tides of love, warmth, and relaxation. We love the fall, and if you already don’t, we hope you are more excited for it today.

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