Ramadan Nights Are Getting Longer This Year and all Thanks to Netflix

Via Reuters

Ramadan is just around the corner, and even though holy month is dedicated for giving, praying, and charity work, there’s that one Egyptian tradition that we can’t seem to give up on. Yes, you’re right! It’s watching series and soap operas non-stop. We all spend a lot of time glued in front of our TV sets or our laptop screens streaming the latest episodes on Youtube. But then what happens when the episode comes to an end? We start acting like a drug addict attempting withdrawal; it’s that bad! There’s always that one extra hour; if not more, which is usually past midnight, but what do we do with it? Since you’d have to wait 24 hours for the next episode, Netflix has come to you with the perfect solution.

One more episode, or a movie, on Netflix won’t harm, right? You need to kill this free time after all. That’s exactly why we came up with this must-watch list on your favorite online streaming platform.

Very Big Shot

After being selected for the reputable Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and after being nominated for BFI London Film Festival in 2015, this should be added to your list if you like a little bit of crime and action.

Blessed Benefit

This dark comedy, officially selected for TIFF in 2016, will make you appreciate things you never thought you would before. It will definitely make you look at things differently.

Hajwala: The Missing Engine

This adventure-driven movie starring Yasser Al Jarraf, Haleem and Anwar Aljabri, is the perfect choice for anyone who likes cliff-hanging at the edge of their seats. 

Rattle the Cage (Zinzana)

The mind games this psychotic cop plays with Talal might drive you crazy as well, yet, Zinzana is not to be missed. It was also officially selected for London BFI, Beyond Fest, and Fantastic Fest in 2015.

Just Like Us

Ready to explore comedy in the Middle East? Then this is the documentary you need to watch. Egyptian American Ahmed Ahmed’s Just Like Us was an official selection for Tribeca Film Festival and Sydney Film Festival Atlanta Film Festival in, as well as The London International Documentary Festival.

Speed Sisters

We all know who runs the world, but this documentary shows that Arab girl power takes part in the equation.

Secret of the Nile

And last but not least, your all time favorite Ramadan hit series, Grand Hotel, or Secret of the Nile as known as on Netflix, will never get old.

WE SAID THIS: Happy Ramadan in advance!