Ramadan 2021: Yasser Galal to Replace Amr Youssef in the Upcoming “Saif Allah” Series!

Looks like the 2021 Ramadan series race is going to be on fire, by all means! The series that were postponed to 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic are already super interesting on their own, not to mention all the promising projects that will get announced throughout the year. However, one of the most anticipated series that was postponed because it wasn’t completed in time is “Saif Allah”, the series that follows the story of the legendary Khaled Ibn El Waleed.

The series was going to star the Egyptian Superstar Amr Youssef, which created even more hype than expected. After the series was postponed to 2021, people still didn’t lose interest in it, but kept waiting with eager anticipation. However, a recent announcement might be considered a game-changer, boosting the anticipation even more; Iconic Egyptian Actor Yasser Galal is set to take over the role from Amr!

According to Ahram, Amr Youssef left the project as some of the things he agreed upon in the contract weren’t provided. In a video for Youm7, both superstars came out to showcase respect and good sportsmanship. They both wished each other good luck for their next project, and Amr Youssef stated that Yasser Galal visited him before taking the role, and tried to convince him to complete the project. In a beautiful show of respect, Yasser Galal added that he wishes he can take on the role as well as his colleague and friend Amr Youssef would have.

Yasser Galal has been on top of his game in recent years when it comes to Ramadan series, and this year, his series “El Fetewa” was definitely among the winners of the race! “Saif Allah” is produced by Synergy, directed by Raouf Abdelaziz, and written by Eslam Hafez, adapted from Abbas El Akkad’s “Abkareyet Khaled”.

WE SAID THIS: Can’t wait to watch this one already!