Ramadan 2021: ‘El Ekhteyar 2’ Gets a New Antagonist and 3 Big Names Are Rumored to Be Up For the Role

Via ET Bilarabi

There is no doubt that “El Ekhteyar” was one of the most successful series in recent history. When it comes to views, ratings, feedback, and how the final episodes went viral, El Ekhteyar is definitely somewhere else and touched fans everywhere. Amir Karara pulled off an iconic performance that will be remembered as a turning point in his career.

It was recently announced that there will be a second season for the groundbreaking series, also directed by the talented Peter Mimi, and fans were thrilled to hear that it will feature the iconic Karim Abdelaziz.

It’s expected that Karim will fit the role of another hero in the Egyptian Army perfectly, but the question now is who’s going to be the antagonist of the second season. In the first season, the one facing Amir Karara was Ahmed El Awady, and many loved his role, while others criticized his performance.

Three big names are rumored to take play opposite Karim in the second season: Ahmed Mekky, Asser Yassin, and Mohamed Emam. According to media sources, Ahmed Mekky is the biggest bet, but nothing is confirmed yet. We’d love to see how this will turn out, and if any of those names get the role, then it will be a guaranteed hit next Ramadan!

WE SAID THIS: Which one fits the role best in your opinion?

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