Q&A: DMF Founder Najla Mazboudi on the Evolving Digital Landscape


Following the success of the inaugural Digital Media Forum in Cairo last year, DMF is coming back in November for another round of insights from industry leaders in the country, region and around the world.

We asked DMF founder Najla Mazboudi to tell us more about what’s in store at this year’s edition:



Why did you choose this year’s theme, “Digital Trends and Technologies: Bringing the Future Closer”


The theme of DMF Cairo 2015 examines the influence of the evolving digital landscape on businesses, brands and consumers in our region, including challenges, drivers and how to adopt solutions going forward.

The last decade we have witnessed seismic changes in business, society and marketing. If this is any indication of the future, the next few years will encompass more changes than the past decade alone.

Triggered by advancements in technology and changing consumer adoption habits, the digital universe is taking a central role in every facet of our lives. What is the future of these changes and how will they impact the daily lives of consumers, brands and business in our region?

Is marketing as we know it dead? Long live the futuristic nature of digital media and technology in predicting and influencing consumer behavior to grow brands and businesses? Where is our region’s top markets from these changes and what are the impacts of such advancements?

These are just some of the topics we aim to explore in depth in the 2015 Digital Media Forum.



What are you looking forward to the most at DMF Cairo 2015?


To hear up-to-date content from some of the world’s leading specialists.

Starting with DMF Cairo 2015, we are also introducing, as part of the agenda, a new concept fitted for today’s fast-paced technology and digital media landscape: The Workshopathon.

What makes this concept unique is that some of our speakers and specialists will select one to three of the most important insights in their view and present them in bite-sized, 10-15 minute workshops that will leave the audience with clear, actionable advice.



This is DMF’s second time in Cairo, how do you think the market has changed since last year?


Advancement in technology, innovative concepts and the rise of new digital platforms.



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