Being on a Plant-Based Diet in Egypt Is Surprisingly Not Difficult

Via Forks Over Knives
Via Forks Over Knives


What most people don’t notice is that being on a plant-based diet in Egypt is not only super easy, but also much cheaper than one might think. Yes, quinoa and kale are expensive, but when I say “cheaper,” I mean not having to buy any animal products –meat, cheese, milk, eggs, etc – and therefore, so much money is saved.


Via Zeal Style

Looking at the Egyptian cuisine – or oriental food, in general – most of it is plant-based. There’s foul, red beans, olive oil, bamia (okra), spices, ta3meyya (falafel), lubia (white beans), molokheya and so on — the limit does not exist.


The plant-based market scene is also on the rise in Egypt, Cairo to be specific — with the Farmer’s Market next to Nün Center at Zamalek, and Earthly Delights (who deliver to your very doorstep).



I would recommend getting the vegan cheese, almond milk, vegan ice cream and chocolate truffles (that are just divine) from Earthly Delights.



You can also find plant-based and/or vegan smoothies and salads at Lychee Fruit Bar. My favorite thing about them is that they have so many branches — you could basically find a branch in your area wherever you are in Cairo.


If you’re into thick and super nutritious smoothies, however, you must give Glow a try – if you’ve been to Sahel this summer, then you’ve probably encountered their stand in Diplo. The recently-opened establishment has got one hell of a juice/smoothie menu and they’re – mostly – vegan or plant-based.


Then there’s the classic trick that all vegans (such as myself) do at restaurants. If you order a salad but it has chicken or mayo, simply ask for them removed, or if you want a plate of grilled veggies and mashed potatoes for example, just ask for it, even if it’s not on the menu, most restaurants in Cairo are very accommodating, you just have to ask. Oh and to all of you coffee addicts, you can ask for your coffee to be made with coconut or almond milk if you enjoy it that way.



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