Places Where You Can Boost Your Kids Creativity in Cairo

School grades don’t define your kids’ performance! The pressures to score perfect grades, spending hours to memorize theories, laws, advantages or disadvantages of every single concept, and having no time for students to explore or learn about any area of their own interest is mentally draining. It leaves students exhausted with no passion of their own.

Parents shouldn’t get frustrated with their kids if they change their major multiple times, or when he/she seem confused with their lives. Nevertheless, you need to realize that your obsession with high grades is affecting your own child’s creativity and you must approach new learning methods.

Your kids need passion which can easily be discovered from a very young age. These qualities lay the foundation for successful career paths; which can be later-on fulfilled with determination and hard work.

Here’s a list of places you must take your kids to:

Art Café

Whether you want to learn a new skill or you just want to drop by to create your own artwork and have a fun artistic experience with your kids, Art Café is the perfect place where you can retreat and recharge! It’s located in Degla Maadi and they have another branch in Sheikh Zayed. Art Café offers a wide range of classes and endless projects as well as summer camps for kids.

This place gives your child a chance to possess skills and create beautiful artwork and creative crafts; some of the most precious gifts to be given to any child. In each class, your kids will learn a different technique and will create a different project where he/she can proudly take home.

The House of Cooking

The House of Cooking, located in Maadi, is the perfect place where you and your kid can experience hands-on inspiring cooking classes. Both of you can enjoy and explore the cooking twists of countries from around the world; Italian, American, Mexican, Thai, and Egyptian dishes, as well as baking desserts and pastry classes.

Your child might fall in love with cooking and end up becoming a famous chef! You never know, it’s always better to expose your kids to new challenges and experiences in order for them to discover their passions in life.

Community Service Association (CSA)

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CSA is a non-profit organization located in the heart of Maadi; it has been the top destination for expatriates since the 1980s. They offer a wide range of services aiming to help foreigners settle into their new life in Egypt. During the summertime when schools are off, instead of spending your vacation at home, this place offers summer camps for families, giving them a chance to take advantage of what Egypt has to offer.

I know a few might think that Egypt during the summer is unbearable, but it’s not as bad as you think. CSA organizes trips to many places like the North Coast where your kids can swim and enjoy different activities. It gives a chance, not only for your kids but for your family, to spend time together and experience cool things with each other. Every family needs quality time together every now and then.

Darb 1718

It’s a contemporary art and culture center; the place was founded back in 2008 and since then, it has offered to its community never-ending inspirational projects. That’s where both kids, families, and anyone who drops by to simply create art would benefit and make unforgettable memories.

Darb 1718 offers a wide range of activities including workshops, festivals, events, and most importantly, school trips. They normally invite school children starting from age 7+ to visit the center and explore Old Cairo during the weekdays throughout the school year. The trip lasts to about three hours and it includes a guide along with interactive workshops. This experience is very important for all kids, not only from the cultural aspect, but also to interact with other kids, make new friends, and explore new adventures.

Arty Science Farm

I have a friend who actually works there and from what I heard, this place is so much fun! I actually thought about volunteering just to interact with the kids and be part of the experience. The academy offers trips for school students where they go and visit different rural communities as a way to examine social studies and learn about different environments of animals and how they habitat differently.

After the trip ends, they hand out a sheet to the students that they have to answer in order for them to reflect their trip in an educational way. In terms of how much they learned on this trip and so forth.

Art Square Academy

It’s a fashion, science, and art academy located in Ard Al-Gulf. It provides a wide range of art related courses including fine arts, fashion designing, photography, and much more for both professional adults and juniors. It delivers high quality of academic education in all types of fashion and artsy fields. They recruit the best professional instructors to ensure the best material and experience is perfectly delivered to their students. 

They give an opportunity for their junior students to gain a deeper insight into international artists, study their techniques, and understand the meaning behind their different paintings.

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