Stress and Lack of Sleep May Lead to a Worldwide Burnout

Chronic sleep deprivation and poor sleeping patterns, as well as stress, may actually threaten our mental health and physical wellbeing. For many of us, exhaustion is a fact of life, however, long periods of physical stress and sleep deprivation can cause problems that shouldn’t be ignored.

Exhaustion is real on so many levels and is threatening to become a global epidemic. Experts are seeking to promote awareness regarding emotional and physical well-being, especially in workplaces, because many of us in the pursuit of success don’t get enough sleep. That actually lessens our performance in many ways. In this day and age, de-stressing can be extremely hard for the working woman/man, anxiety can take away any chance of a good sleep or rest, that is why it is said that weighted blankets are a great way to destress, the soothing feeling of that heavy pressure can add to a calming within.

Via Forbes

There’s this global delusion that we always need to be ‘alert’ in order to be successful and that sleeping can be optional. This has led most of us to a mental health crisis with a chance to be exposed to obesity and heart-related problems. There’s this culture of constantly thinking about work and that our success is related to how much time we put in it. Working all night long, constantly answering emails, and not having a proper end to your working day is going to drive you insane!

Your success is a product of the input you put in it, you have to draw a line. If you fail to do this, you will only increase your stress and induce more sleepless nights. Your phone gives everyone a chance to demand something from you, so, I advise you that after a long day at work, you turn off your phone and put it outside your bedroom.

The pressure of the digital culture is draining us without being aware of its risks. Studies have shown that young women, especially teenagers, suffer from depression and anxiety because of the impact of social media on their physical health and sanity. These topics shouldn’t be taken for granted and we must be more concerned about our mental health before we collapse and burnout.

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