Picture of the Day: The City of Dohuk, Iraq

Dohuk is a city located in the North of Iraq, Kurdistan, sitting on top of a hill that is 1,400 meters above sea level with a breathtaking view. It’s considered the smallest city in Iraq with a population of only 400,000. The city has a quite unique society that mainly consists of Kurds, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Yezidies, Arabs and Armenians. Dohuk is actually the only city that is surrounded by three mountains making it indirectly the bridge between Iraq and the West.

Dohuk is also a safe haven, consisting of rich ancient heritage that dates back to the Mesopotamian times. The city is a fascinating destination if you ever plan to visit anytime soon make sure to drive deep into Zawita mountains to enjoy what nature has to offer; varying between waterfalls and ice-cold water to swim in. You also need to check out one of the most beautiful natural resorts you’ll ever see called Galy Sherana translated as The Valley of Sherana, located between two mountains, it’s where you’ll find an excellent place to swim, have a barbeque and smoke hookah. You’re welcome.

WE SAID THIS: Dohuk is a unique experience for everyone who wants to experience the positive side of Iraq and Kurdistan.

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