Picture of the Day: American Activist and Author Helen Keller at the Egyptian Museum in 1952

Helen Keller is a name that resonates with everyone. Being blind and deaf did not stop her from being a world-famous influential author, political activist, and lecturer. In 1952, Helen Keller went on a three-month trip to visit a few countries in the Middle East, namely Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. During her visit to Egypt, she met the famed Egyptian author Taha Hussein, visited schools and workshops for blind children, and toured the Egyptian Museum.

“Egypt is in the very heart of Islam. Having read about the anti-British riots, I could not help wondering how it would fare with us in our work in Egypt. To my surprise the people we met showed us warm friendliness, and were most hospitable,” wrote Keller of Egypt in a letter to her friend and colleague, Georges Raverat.

This picture is from her visit to the Egyptian Museum in 1952, more than 65 years ago.

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