Photos That Capture the Beauty of the Middle East

We’re all blessed to live in a region where we’re surrounded by attractions like the Nile River, the Dead Sea, the Pyramids of Giza, Erbil citadel, to the world’s largest mosque, the UAE’s Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The Middle East is home to many worthy sights, as well as historical monuments that would just take your breath away!

And to celebrate our beauty, history and culture please scroll down to be part of our mesmerizing heritage.

Dead Sea. Credits: tsaiproject/Flickr
Citadel Bath. Credits: David Stanley/Flickr
Hega. Credits: Salem Alforaih/Shutterstock
Luxor Temple Egypt. Credits: eFesenko/Shutterstock
Musandam Fjords. Credits: Panoramas/Flickr
Nasir Mosque. Credits: Marcin Szymczak/ Shutterstock
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Credits: mohamad atif mohamad nadzir/Flickr
Erbil Citadel/ Qalat. Credits: Richard Wilding

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