Picture of the Day: The Beautiful Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque stands out as one of the world’s largest mosques! It’s the only one that captures the unique interaction between Islam and the world’s cultures. UAE’s incredible vision Sheikh Zayed’s for the Grand Mosque was to integrate the different architectural styles from different Islamic civilizations, as well as celebrating the cultural diversity through creating a haven that is not only truly diverse but also highly inspirational in its own foundation.

The open-door policy which the mosque practices, invites tourists from all over the world to witness the reflective pools that engulf the courtyard and the iconic prayer hall. It not only fills the place with blissful sunlight but also houses the world’s biggest chandelier and carpet, which was both perfectly handmade.

Make sure to spot the calligraphy which encircles the top of the domes, with verses from the Quran, painted with gold leaves in An-Naskh lettering. It’ll for sure take your breath away.

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