People to Follow: Amir’s Arabic Academy Could Be the Most Relatable Channel for Arabs Abroad!

It’s no secret that the Arabic language is a very complex one. It has tons of different dialects, and the difference between the official and slang Arabic is literally like learning two different languages. This could be one of the toughest challenges that face second and third generation Arabs living abroad. As they struggle to learn and understand the language of their origins.

One content creator that took it upon himself to produce funny and useful content is Amir Tadros, one of the Egyptians living abroad. Amir was asked by his daughter about the meaning of the word “Yasalam”, so he thought about making a video to explain all the uses of the dynamic word. Amir’s way of breaking down the word and the examples he comes up with are, by all means, hilarious.

After the success of the first video, Amir started a new YouTube Channel that could be a very relatable and useful destination for Arabs abroad, Amir’s Arabic Academy.

He only has three videos on his channel now, but we’re sure that he’ll be doing much more videos.

WE SAID THIS: What words do you think Amir should explain in his next videos?