Party at a Mosque? An Arrest Of the Palestinian DJ Sama Abdulhadi

The Palestinian Dj Sama Abdul-Hadi, who’s one of the top international Dj’s and the first Palestinian DJ and electronic music producer has been arrested due to organizing a techno party at Nabi Musa Mosque also believed to be the tomb of Musa (Moses). Is it now ethical and the new norm to party at a mosque?

Hundreds of young people from East Jerusalem who were furious by such an event arrived at Nabi Musa on Saturday night and drove out those who were partying. On Sunday, dozens arrived at the site and held prayer services there.

Many comments have been thrown away that the event had been approved by the ministry. Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh announced the investigation of the event planners of the party at the holy site, which is in Area C of the West Bank and under Israeli civilian and military control. Palestinian Deputy Minister for Religious Affairs Hussam Abu al-Rub said that no permission was given to hold the party.

According to Hussam Abu Al-Rub, our ministry [which is also in charge of the site due to its sanctity] did not give anyone permission to hold a party there. “We did not know at all about what was happening in Nabi Musa. What happened there is obscene. We will not remain quiet and will prosecute anyone who took part in it.”

Outrage after Turkey-restored West Bank mosque turned into nightclub

Outrage after Turkey-restored West Bank mosque turned into nightclubThe Nabi Musa Mosque in the occupied West Bank, which was recently restored by Turkey, was the scene of a scandal that drew outrage from Palestinian officials after the Muslim house of worship was used for a techno party where alcohol was served. Later, a group of outraged Palestinian youths intervened to stop the event, taking out all the objects, burning and destroying them outside the mosque in protest.

Posted by Yeni Şafak on Monday, December 28, 2020
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