Mohammed Nazzal: The Palestinian Child Who Survived An Israeli Prison & Lived To Tell His Story

The current humanitarian truce between Israel and Hamas necessitates the release of 150 Palestinian prisoners. However, along with tears of joy upon the release of Palestinian prisoners most of whom are teenage females and men accused of throwing stones and firebombs during confrontations with Israeli forces, each of them carries within a story of mistreatment, torture, and several kinds of abuse inside Israeli prisons.

One such story is of a Palestinian child Mohammad Nazzal, who has just been released. He reported extreme physical abuse in an Interview with Al Jazeera and other news channels.

“Everything was fine, they were counting us, and then they started beating us without any reason or anything…I was one of the ones who got it the most, my finger and arm were broken from last week.”

According to Nazzal’s testimony, some of the prisoners were beaten to death, and their deaths remain unreported and unknown to the media. This comes in great contrast to the testimonies and videos of hostages released by the Palestinian Resistance Group (Hamas) that have been picked up by international and regional media alike showing humanitarian treatment of hostages ensuring their safety until their release to the Red Crescent.

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