Palestine’s Last Kufiya Factory Is Struggling, Here’s How You Can Help

Over time, the Palestinian Kufiya has become more than just a head garment of culture; it has grown to incorporate a representation of the Palestinian struggle for liberation.

With the onslaught of the Arab Revolt against British Colonial Rule in the 1930s and in the aftermath of the Arab-Israeli conflict, it has become an international symbol for solidarity with Palestine.

In 1961, Yasser Hibrawi opened his Kufiya factory in the West Bank, establishing the Hibrawi Kufiya as the only authentic Kufiya made in Palestine by Palestinian hands. For decades, and with the international community becoming aware of the Palestinian struggle, the brand has become extremely popular as more and more people around the world bought the Kufiya in support.

1993 came and with it the Oslo Accords and the implementation of free-market policies, which encouraged the import of cheap Kufiyas from China, which badly hurt the production of Kufiya’s at Hibrawi’s.

Yasser Hirbawi passed away in 2018; however his spirit lives on through his brand and his three sons, who have cooperated with multiple international entities to garner the world’s support for the preservation of the authentic Palestinian Kufiya.

The Hibrawi’s are pleading with the world to buy the Kufiya online and support this Palestinian piece of heritage.

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