Moroccan Diva Samira Said Is Making Mad Waves With Her Latest Song Release

Like every other song she releases, the Moroccan superstar Samira Said’s latest song has been topping trends on Youtube and across social media. On Wednesday, our favorite diva released a new song ‘El sa’a etnein beleil’ as the third song from her latest album. The song is composed by Aziz El Shafei, with lyrics by Tamer Hussein. In a 3-minute lyrical video, the song’s catchy music and simple lyrics grab your attention and get you singing along. And we’re all for it! Said plans on releasing the songs of the album as singles every few months until the end of summer. She has already released two songs from the same album, ‘Baheb maak’ and ‘Mataha’, both achieving huge success.

We’re definitely not surprised that the song is trending; it’s the ultimate vibe we need for summer! Samira Said never fails to keep us entertained, dancing to her lively tunes.

Now scroll down to listen to this hit.

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