Online Show Romanceya Manseya Is Finally Back for Its Second Season, and Here Are Our Favorite Pick-up Lines!

Via What Women Want

Egyptians freaked out when their favorite web series, Romanceya Manseya, stopped releasing new episodes. Fortunately, it turned out that it was just the end of the first season! If you haven’t heard before about the series then you should definitely binge-watch the entire first season as it’s basically the funniest content you’ll find on YouTube!

The series is basically a fun duel of cheesy pick-up lines, based on guests’ interests, between Safi and Yaya with a new guest every episode. Every time the girl laughs, the one who said the pick-up line earns a point. Peace Cake Productions released the trailer of the second season and we can’t wait for the first episode to be released!

رومانسية منسية سيزون تو

شكلنا راجعين ولا إيه؟ پيس كيك تقدم #رومانسية_منسية سيزون تو.

Posted by Peace Cake on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

We’ve compiled to you some of our favorites pick up lines from the two promising comedians. Here you go!


“Can I be Rick, and you be Amorty?”

“You live in Rehab? My heart is like gate 13. No one can enter, but you have the card!”

“You obviously teach English, because you’re grAMMAR 14!”


“If he’s Harry Potter, and you’re Hermione, can I be Ron?”

“Are we in Stranger Things, because ever since I saw you, my life has been upside down.”

“Someone stole my heart and I’m sure you’re the Usual Suspect.”

WE SAID THIS: Eh ya Safy da? 

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