On Values and Corporate Ethics: Why All Brands Should Take a Page Out of Zooba’s Manual

Via Zooba's Instagram

No one can argue against the fact that Zooba is one of the most successful homegrown brands in the region. The unique Egyptian street food brand came to fill a gap in the market, and throughout the years totally changed the game. And today, we want to talk about why other brands should follow Zooba’s lead, not in their business model, but in their ethics and values.

We won’t be talking about how the brand positioned itself and became the first thing that comes to mind when you mention Egyptian street food, and how offices all around Cairo depend on it for their daily breakfast. We also won’t also talk about their unique brand identity, and how their digital presence is so vibrant, unique, and engaging. We also won’t talk about the ambitious expansion plan that saw the brand travel abroad, with a store that’s now making mad waves in NYC!

The brand screams originality and proves that a great way to go international is to be authentic and look to your roots. And that’s why the brand is constantly showing us that success can come from love, representing our food and culture abroad in a way that makes us proud to be Egyptian.

What we WILL talk about, is Zooba’s latest Instagram post, the one we embedded below!

The past few weeks saw a promising awakening in public opinion about the sexual harassment and violence that Egyptian women must live with. Women are talking now more than ever about what they go through, a wave that was triggered by the case of Ahmed Bassam Zaki, exposed recently for harassing, blackmailing, and sexually assaulting over 100 girls and boys, many of whom were under the age of 18.

While many businesses chose not to take a stand in this movement, Zooba made it clear where they stand and joined other media entities, individuals, and different social groups that are standing by survivors of sexual harassment and assault all over the country, with accounts coming out now on a daily basis through an Instagram account called Assault Police. We’re looking forward to seeing other brands follow in their footsteps, and not in a commercial way or as a PR stunt, but rather in a heartfelt and well-thought-out statement like the one Zooba released, one that shows genuine understanding and empathy.

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