On Identity: In a First for Egypt, Actor Hisham Selim Speaks Openly About His Transgender Son

For the very first time, Egyptian Actor Hisham Selim openly stated that “his daughter Noura became his son Nour”, revealing information about his transgender son, Nour. Selim’s statement was part of an interview with Egyptian Director Inas El Degheidy, who is currently hosting Ramadan’s annual “Sheikh Al-Hara” program, broadcasted on “Al Qahera Wal Nas” TV channel.

Selim explained that his son is currently undergoing gender reassignment surgery. Nour, who is 26 years old, openly spoke to his father about the matter when he was 18. Since then, his father has been giving him all the necessary support and is encouraging him to live life the way he wishes, to be himself.

Following the airing of the episode yesterday, the video circulated on social media with many people applauding the father’s bravery for openly speaking about the issue in public, and for his nobility in strongly supporting his son no matter what.

Previously hosted by Basma Wahba, “Sheikh Al-Hara” is a controversial program that was heavily criticized in its previous season in Ramadan 2019 for being too bold, invading the privacy of guests, and exposing their private lives to the public.

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