A Scoop Of Hope: This Young Man’s Poetic Narrative on Egypt’s Balady Dogs is The Sweetest Thing You’ll Hear Today

A young Egyptian man called Mahmoud, known on social media for his love of stray animals, specifically balady dogs. He usually publishes videos of him playing, feeding, or even narrating poetry for dogs. His love and compassion for life has struck us and gave us plenty of positive energy just by watching how kind he is to them and how much these dogs truly love him. In the video below you’ll have a glimpse of the pure meaning of unconditional love, the kindness of a human being, and the reason why we should always be merciful to these beautiful creatures.

شوفت صاحب

قصيدة شوفت صاحب !من اقوى القصائد اللتي تحدثت عن الكلاب في العصر الحديث ..كلمات الشاعر : محمد ابو نعمه

Posted by Mahmoud and Kovu on Tuesday, April 28, 2020

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