Hetet Hekaya: Tamer Habib, Riham Abdel Ghafour and More Celebs Join Forces to Tell a Story This Ramadan!

The lockdown caused by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic showed us the power of collaborations and how we can achieve great things if we work together, even with distances separating us, and that’s how “Hetet Hekaya” came to life.

Hetet Hekaya is an initiative that was taken purely with the aim to entertain people and inspire them. It captures the essence of collaboration through a 30-episode story simply executed to unravel throughout the holy month of Ramadan by some of our favorite celebrities, artists, writers, content creators, and filmmakers.

The story itself revolves around a group of employees working in a hyper
market, yet in the middle of this restless job they are looking for an artistic alternative to their mechanic and boring current job, one that might bring them closer (or not), but most importantly it’s a collaborative one.

Follow their page, see the previous episodes, and stay tuned for a new chapter to the story posted every day by a new celebrity. The series was created by Random Content and is supported by a number of other entities like The Carousel World and Ginger TM. The initiative is non-branded, non-profitable, and non-sponsored.

WE SAID THIS: Which episode was your favorite, and who are you looking forward to seeing on board for the story?