Ola Roshdy & Ahmed Dawood May Be Our Most Relatable Couple Today

The world of Egyptian celebrities is full of couples taking walks in Paris, attending fashion weeks in New York, cruising on Yachts in El-Gouna and enjoying candlelight dinners in front of the Eiffel tower. It’s time to say the truth; we don’t relate.

Marriage is anything but that absurd perfection displayed on Instagram. We want to see couple fighting and making up, children throwing tantrums, mommies screaming their lungs out because the kids just won’t listen to them. That’s real parenthood and marriage. Your kid’s makeup tutorial on Facebook isn’t!

The past few years, Egyptian power couple, Ahmed Dawood and Ola Roshdy, have garnered enormous attention and their fan base is constantly expanding. Not only does Ola Roshdy have her own mommy-gone-mad webisodes, Weghet Mazar, but she constantly shows us the real face of marriage.

During El-Gouna film Festival, the couple had fun on the red carpet, made fun of each other and just like any real married couple, we’re assuming snarled at each other behind closed doors. However, this interview is as real as it gets with an Egyptian marriage. We’re over the romantic red carpet vibes; we want the real deal.

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Posted by ‎Ahmed Dawood – أحمد داود‎ on Thursday, September 26, 2019

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