It’s Just Day One From Inktober and Egyptian Artists Are Already Killing It

Via Inktober

One of the best things about the month of October is that our timelines are always flooded with art because of Inktober! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me enlighten you.

Inktober is a month-long challenge created in 2009 by artist Jake Parker that is focused on improving skill and developing positive drawing habits. Every day for the month of October everyone participating in the Inktober challenge creates an ink drawing and posts it online.

In 2016, the official website of Inktober started posting an official prompt list, before that, people used to just come up with their own ideas each day. Here is the official prompt list of 2019.

Via Inktober

Here are some of the best and most artistic pieces drawn by Egyptian artists on the first day and who are participating in the Inktober challenge. Check out how different artists visualized the ring day from their own perspective. Follow hashtags #Inktober, #Inktober2019, and #InktoberEgypt for more.

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