A Note on God and Mythical Superheros


I choose to believe in a higher power. To most, that higher power is referred to as God. With life being as sophisticated and complex as it is, I believe it has to be a byproduct of a more powerful and higher source of knowledge.

But the whole idea of religion to me is, to put mildly, crazy and funny. It has to be, with all its restricting rituals and irrational boundaries.

When I say religion, I am not being biased. It’s all religions: Muslims, Christians, Jews… And it’s not hard to see why: Muslims throwing stones at an obelisk and going around a square block in circles; Christians dipping their hand in “holy” tap water every time they go to church and forbidding people in service of Church and God not to fuck; Jews standing in front of a wall nodding their heads and crying or digging looking for a hidden treasure. What is all this about? 12-year-olds seem to have more of a clue than what these religions get people to believe and do.

Think about it: Racism, discrimination, sexism, wars,conflict and deaths all originate from the concept of religion.

I know that this is not my God’s making.

When people are fighting over who has a better superhero (“Prophet”), I know this is not my God’s calling.

A thousand years from today, I think people reading Marvel and DC Comics will be calling Superman and Thor the messengers of God. But if God really wanted to write a book, he wouldn’t need so many drafts.

My God is a loving God, a caring God, a wise God. A God who sent me here to enlighten me with the experience of life, which I believe is part of my cycle. I don’t believe I’m here to be tested and tempted, then casually thrown in a comical flaming hell because of my actions in life.

God knows.

Monotheistic religions acknowledge a single creator. I believe everything else comes from within. We know killing is wrong. We learn through experience that lying, deceiving and manipulation are misleading and never result in what we want. We know that when we offer, serve or receive help, we create a bond that strengths our soul and motivates us.

Why cant we live side by side as believers and put our ancient fanatic superhero books aside. Why don’t we all cherish life by serving it and embracing ourselves as students of an enlightened God, rather than repent as servants to a cruel God.  

Believe in God.

Serve the life that God served you.

Enjoy your experience here while it lasts.

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