New Year’s in the Middle East: 8 Regional Destinations You Can Visit During the Pandemic

Spending New Year’s in the Middle East? Ever since the pandemic has started and our plans have been shut down, life just hasn’t been the same. But you know what, no need to worry because here are some of the most spectacular and breathtaking destinations that you can visit, even during this current pandemic.

We know you’re bored of all the daily routines, traffic, and the city noise, so here are a few go-to New Year’s destinations.


Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al-Khaimah is a combination of desert, history, and endless summer vibes known for its warm sandy beaches as well as a rich history that never ceases to amaze its visitors. Make sure you check out one of their amazing hotels for a bit of luxury TLC.


Bright lights, big city; you can’t go wrong with Dubai for New Year’s. You’ll be amazed by the diversity this city offers. You go for a walk and immediately feel the different cultures all around you. At night you’ll find some amazingly planned parties, food, fireworks and every kind of entertainment you could wish for. If you’re a foodie and still want to enjoy the fireworks, just head to one of their amazing malls, book a table at your favorite restaurant and look up! Let your eyes enjoy what Dubai has to offer.

Rub Al-Khali

Are you looking for a peaceful destination? Get your group together and pack some delicious food because this desert is waiting for you. You’ll enter a different universe. A quiet, sandy and very sunny universe. Let your eyes enjoy the serenity and let your mind take a break from the city noise. This is going to be a happy and peaceful new year!



Are you looking for some fun in the sun? Well, this is the right destination for you. It’s known that the best beaches are found in Djerba, but this is not the only reason behind people’s love for the place. Now let’s get lost in a maze full of traditional and colorful handicrafts in the main town of Djerba, Houmt Souk.

Tozeur Oasis & Mos Espa
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Take me back to Ancient Rome! Imagine you live in a place where everything is built with ochre-colored bricks. In Tozeur, you’ll find small villages, date palms, camels, and waterfalls all in one place. Just go and take a quick dip in the natural pool then plan a safari in the largest and hottest desert in the world; you can never go wrong with sand and sea. All this and we’re not done yet because Mos Espa is a must-visit too. If you’re into mystery this is definitely the right place for you. With it’s domed buildings and lonesome landscape that will blow your mind away, the experience will take you to another planet.



This New Year’s is calling for some island vibes! Go ahead because Asilah will blow your mind; a destination that combines Greek island life with Middle Eastern culture. All the blue and white buildings will relax your mind and soothe your soul. But guess what? You’ll find there all types of activities like art festivals, music performances and more.

Dades Valley

To all the hikers out there, this is the right destination for you. We know you must be bored with your daily routines, we’ve got you covered. Dades Valley is known for its changing color cliffs that go from deep red to rose to ocher, its amazing scenery, and most importantly, the magnificent Todra Gorge.


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Another great option for anyone spending New Year’s in the Middle East! Believe us when we tell you that Siwa is the definition of a ‘real break’; let us tell you why. First of all, the hot springs and salt lakes will blow you away with their turquoise tones. For the shopping addicts who want to buy unique items, you’ve got a market where you’ll find their natural products, remedies for literally everything, spices, and herbs for all chefs out there to spice up your meals, special jams including dates, olives, hibiscus, and finally some of their special patterned home accessories like carpets. A quick call to all the foodies out there, make sure you try their tasty duck, lamb, and camel for the more adventurous travelers. Hungry yet? Just go and enjoy this amazingly different culture.


New Year’s Nile cruise anyone? Enjoy your morning coffee as you sail along the Nile and then go for a tour around this stunning place that is filled with Egyptian pharaonic history. Make sure you don’t miss Abu Simbel, Philae Temple, and the high dam. All of these and many more will drive you all the way back to that time, but then you can visit the market to take a break from the history lesson, or enjoy some downtime with a view that’s quite literally out of this world.

WE SAID THIS: So tell us, which destination do you like the most for anyone spending New Year’s in the Middle East?