New Delivery App, HelloFood, Launches In Cairo

hello food


Let’s face it, in Egypt we live to eat. Whether we’re at work, at home or going out, our entire day revolves around our meals!

At our office, we usually order delivery every day, and so when you go to work five days a week, the process of ordering becomes a bit exhausting.

hello food 2Just deciding on something to eat has become a hassle, so this week, after HelloFood launched and sent us a delicious meal from Crave, we wanted to find out what the HelloFood app was really like and see if it would make our lives easier.

HelloFood is a delivery app that aims to provide the fastest, easiest and most convenient way of ordering food. When downloading the app, I was expecting to face the same problem I do with practically every other app on the planet: not finding a Windows version of it (yes, I have a Windows Phone). But, to my surprise, I found it right there in the app store with just one version that you can use in any country you visit.




Creating an account was simple enough. One of the best features of the app is that it divides available restaurants per location. After choosing Maadi, we were presented with 60 possible options. Instead of going through the prolonged process of debating where to eat, we just scrolled through the list until we found something we all liked.

We also loved how it shows you restaurants that are open at the top, while the closed restaurants are listed at the bottom. They have a nifty “Deals” section as well, which shows you current offers and promotions from participating restaurants. When you click on a deal, it takes you directly to the restaurant’s menu.

The menu from the place we were ordering from in the app was easy to follow, except that we couldn’t find the salads section, so we ended up having to call and place the salad order separately. We ordered chicken from the app, but wanted to make sure we’d get chicken breasts and so when placing the order, we wrote that in the comment section.

After choosing the cash on delivery option, we were presented with a breakdown of how much everything cost, including delivery, before confirming the order.

A few minutes later, we received a phone call informing us that there would be an extra charge for the type of chicken we ordered and they asked us whether we’d still like to proceed.

As written in the app, 45 minutes later, the doorbell rang and our food came with no mistakes.

For someone who doesn’t like speaking on the phone (like me), using the app was the perfect alternative. All you need is a smartphone, and wherever you are, HelloFood will deliver.

It took a while at first to understand everything and there were a few items that weren’t on the menu, although they are available in store, however, HelloFood has just newly launched so we’re sure that it’ll continue to perfect all these little details to become even more user friendly.

The app is only available in Cairo at the moment, with plans to expand in the near future.



WE SAID THIS: For more information on Hello Food Egypt, check out their Facebook Page here.