Nationwide Campaign Testing Millions of Students for Anemia, Obesity, and Dwarfism

The noticeably obese, worn out, and plain inactive generation is going down a depressive rabbit hole of medical troubles. Thanks to President Sisi’s effort, with both the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, a campaign has been launched as of the beginning of March to put an end to the health recessions amongst adolescents. The nationwide campaign is going around governorates including Cairo, to test for obesity, dwarfism, and anemia amongst 6-12-year-olds. With already over 8 million students tested, the movement will be held until April 30 and children diagnosed will be met with free health care. 

Via Egyptindepdent

According to Egypt Today, the Egyptian minister of health stated that their goal is reaching 12 million students. Kids in this vulnerable case will be screened for these diseases in the effort for early detection and healthy development. Parents will have the freedom to access free treatment regarding the diagnoses. In result, the positive change will show an increase of energetic, healthy, and happy kids. 

Via Dailynewsegypt

Students are not obligated to visit clinics or hospitals for a simple health check-up since the president’s drive to test students by sending medical teams is ready to conduct these procedures. The act is evolving around Egypt,  targeting public and private school sectors, fighting against ignorance and raising awareness through schools for a healthy generation.


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