National Institute of Cancer Reopens After Renovation

According to an interview with Al-Masry Al-Youm, the President of Cairo University Mohamed Al Khosht announced yesterday that the National Cancer Institute has opened its doors to the public.

For two weeks, the institute was closed in light of the terrorist attack around its vicinity that claimed the lives of 20 people and injured 47 others. However, a number of generous Egyptian and Arab philanthropists generously donated EGP 80m in total for the renovation efforts.

All of Egypt went into mourning. The victims just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The blow did not just target lives, as severe damage was inflicted on the institute itself, an integral part of Egypt’s healthcare infrastructure. Many cancer patients had to relocate to get the proper care they needed.

Cairo University in collaboration with the Arab Contractors Company began working on repairs immediately to cater for the needs of the many cancer patients treated at the institute. Although the renovation is still in progress, Al Khosht has stated that the facility is to open its doors to the public for patient readmittance.

He went on to clarify that the repair works did not halt during the eight-day long holiday the country had for Eid Al-Adha; furthermore, Al Khosht has added that many additional repairs have been put into consideration, including a number of upgrades to the provided medical services to ensure the institute is catering to the needs of the thousands of patients that come seeking treatment there.

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