The US Is Getting It’s First Ever Modest Fashion Week in Miami

Miami is getting a taste of diversity in its first ever modest fashion week. To start November 30th, the three-day event will held at the Intercontinental Hotel Miami. Right by the beach, the event will features brands, influencers, and models. 

Founded by Norsham Mohamad-Garcia, a Malaysian immigrant who brought her big dreams from a little hometown to the Miami heat. Strongly advocating for diversity and creativity, Miami will be met with the best modest fashion, something contrasting from the city’s regular bikini catwalks and swimsuit weeks.

Uniting designers, fashion-lovers, and cultures for future generations, according to Harpers Bazaar Arabia, she states “I believe that Modest-style Fashion Week will cause a wow effect and will resonate with many,” Norsham tells Riamoda. “I am very proud of this project. We believe in education, creativity, diversity and authenticity, the future. In America, there are a lot of mass markets, behind which identity is lost. Modest designers are very creative and create unique clothes. Americans are very fond of original clothes, the thirst for exclusivity is a big plus for modest designers.”

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