Check Out How These Guys Are Cleaning up Sahel

Summer season is here, and we’re so ready to spend all day at the beach; getting tanned, playing with your friends, building sand castles or digging holes and burying your friends in them! As I was saying, summertime this year is in full swing. If you’re spending it in Egypt’s North Coast beaches, then you must be aware of the one downside that Egyptians are usually not the most environmentally-minded people in the world. Consequently, the summer season takes a heavy toll on our beautiful beaches; trash is improperly discarded, from paper bags to plastic bottles literally everywhere, sadly damaging the ecosystem that makes our beaches so very special.

This is why it’s very exciting to reveal that Go Clean; a local recycling solutions company, is collaborating with Banque du Caire to take a step and educate people regarding the harmful effects of their actions, and to clean up many prominent beaches that are located along Egypt’s north coast.

And, as a way of keeping up with the summer and beach theme, they have installed fish-like sculptures on the beaches of Bianchi, Lavista, and Hacienda Bay. It’s a very cool trash can idea and very educating at the same time, it shows people how dumping trash in the sea can affect marine wildlife.

The Go Clean fish sculptures can collect paper, plastic, and metal waste. The company personnel then come to sort and recycle. The best part about this, is that based on the amount of waste inside the fish sculptures, they give donations to those in need.

WE SAID THIS: We applaud Go Clean for their work, and encourage everyone to participate.