Why Is Elissa’s Next Album Her Last?

Via Arabian Business

Lebanese superstar, Elissa just dropped a major bomb on the entire music industry and the millions of her fans with an unfortunate announcement. The icon tweeted that her next album will be her last in her career. She then elaborated that the reason behind her quitting after the next album is because the industry feels like a mafia and that she can’t be productive anymore in such an environment.

The sad news traveled quickly through the Arab World and a lot of celebrities like Menna Shalaby and Amr Adib showed support to Elissa and reminded her that her fans can’t allow her to quit.

There isn’t much info about the specific incident that Elissa could be referring to, or if she is just fed up of the environment of the field. However, her fans remember that last year, Elissa tweeted that she was devastated because Rotana blocked all her content from Anghami because of a deal with Deezer that resulted in her losing 500 million plays on the platform.

Last year was also a tough year for Elissa, as she was battling with cancer. However, the superstar did not announce that she was fighting cancer until after she was treated from it.

WE SAID THIS: We hope that whatever is troubling the Lebanese icon comes to an end.