Following the Success of Welad Rizk 2, a Spin-off Has Just Been Announced!

Via Facebook

The sequel to Welad Rizk was recently released and broke box office records. Although the movie came out during the Eid season with tough competition, it garnered more than EGP 43m in seven days!

The movie was a success by all means, and everyone is talking about the second edition of the action movie. Osood El Ard; Ahmed Ezz, Ahmed El Fishawy, Ahmed Dawood, Amr Youssef, Karim Kassem, came back to present a story more intense and interesting than the first one.

The addition of Khaled El Sawy to the movie took it to the next level as the main villain of the second part. However, what blew people’s mind was the after-credits scene, that saw the return of the villains of the first part in addition to Egypt’s favorite actor, Asser Yassin.

Following the extraordinary success of the second part, Welad Rizk’s official Facebook page released a poster of a spin-off movie named El Shayeb (The King), with Asser Yassin on the cover!

The popular actor shared the post on his official page with the caption “Summer 2020”! The page removed the post shortly after, but the news already came out and everyone is super excited for the movie.

Fans of the movie are expecting that the spin-off will introduce the backstory of Asser Yassin’s character that will be the main antagonist of Welad Rizk 3! Others are expecting that The King will be the third part and not a spin-off.

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