My Wife and I Got Attacked by a Drunk Diplomat


Last Thursday, my wife was brutally attacked by a drunken lunatic diplomat while having a night out at the Kempinski hotel in Cairo.

We arrived at the hotel at 12.30-1am to meet up with my friends. Coincidentally, one of my friends’ lovely girlfriend works at the Thai embassy in Egypt.  She brought a friend of hers who nobody has ever met before who was extremely drunk, and I had also heard she was allegedly doing “coke” in the bathroom (I cannot be sure about that, so I don’t want to use this as evidence).

Right off the bat, the girl was being extremely rude while talking to us. Even as she was inviting us to a farewell party, she was being aggressive about it because I said that I’m having an operation that week and can’t make it. However, she ended up taking our emails to put us on the mailing list.

Throughout the night, she was arrogantly slamming Egypt and Egyptians, basically saying that it was a horrible country with horrible people. She said, “Egypt is the worst place I have ever been after Beirut.” She even started calling two of the Egyptian guys “fat and ugly” while making the vomit gestures.

We then innocently asked her for her name because we hadn’t had the chance to properly introduce ourselves. She spent 5-10 minutes not telling us her name and then looked at me and said “my name is k** omak!” While proceeding to repeat that to me while giving me her middle finger (in case you don’t know, that translates to “your moms vagina” – a very derogatory Arabic slur). My wife politely asked her to stop so she told her to “shut up.”

She then started swearing at us because she said we took her place on the couch, and made sarcastic remarks about us being newlyweds.

She was bragging about how she has diplomatic immunity, and how she can park wherever she wants in Egypt because the “Thai embassy gets to pay all her tickets.”

She arrogantly told me not to sit cross-legged in front of her, basically implying that I shouldn’t sit in front of a diplomat like that.

I told her to stop being rude and to calm down, and she wouldn’t. We asked for her name again and all she was saying was “ok, ok, ok!” So we told her that we will call her “ok” from now on.

She took out her phone and started to write us a really rude email as per her friend. My wife asked her “should we expect an email from” which got laughs from everyone at the table. She then kicked my wife really hard with her heels and then went back to writing the email.

At this point, we had been nice about her being rude, and we hadn’t retaliated when she swore. However, seeing my wife get kicked, I lost it and smacked the phone out of her hand. I shouted “what did you do that for? Calm down!” And then she started aggressively hitting me and trying to choke me.

I would never hit a woman, so I just grabbed her hands to control her, but she continued. My wife then got up to stand between us, so she could stop this whole thing, and this is where the brutal attack started.

She pushed her on the couch, kicked her over 5 times in the face and head with her heels, pulled her hair out, bit her until she bled and through all of this, my wife had let go. Whenever we tried to pull her off, she would bite or pull harder. It was a completely one sided fight.

My wife ended up with a black eye, an open wound in her head, scratches all over her body, 4 deep bite marks on her arm and emotional distress.

In hindsight, I should have not smacked her phone but seeing a violent drunk hitting my wife (who is by far the person I love the most in the world); I could not help myself. I was also worried that she would get more violent and use weapons on her, so I needed to put her in her place.

She had brutally attacked my wife, she was an absolute drunken mess, she swore at people, Egypt and specifically Egyptians, she arrogantly claimed to be abusing her power at the embassy and she was violent and rude to other people and waiters as well.

She is an embarrassment to herself, her family, her country and the entire diplomatic system. It is amazing that slime like this gets diplomatic immunity and gets away with all these misdemeanors.

And by the way, after all this, her name turned out to be Miss KAKANANG AMARANAND. She is the First Secretary at the Thai Embassy in Egypt. Here is a link to the page to see what she looks like.

We have filed a lawsuit against her, but we were told that this will end up as a waste of time because of her status. I urge everyone to share this and put pressure on the embassy to release her from her job. She does not deserve a future in such a prestigious field.


– My wife asked me not to post pictures of the attack.

– Witnesses include friends, the neighbouring table, the hotel waiters and security