8 Infographics that Perfectly Describe Mosalsalat in 2015

My life goal has always been writing a script for a Ramadan TV show that is so good, so sick, so incredibly twisted that Ghada Abd El Raziq can’t help but accept it as her next project. Alas, it’s been 10 years and my script has nothing but blank pages.

This year has brought us some incredible TV shows, A.K.A El Ahd, which showed me that I need to step up my game for my content to be anywhere near Taht El Saytara. I started by analyzing each one of the 2015 TV shows and the similarities between the biggest hits were both ridiculous and subtle.



A step-by-step guide to making a Ramadan hit:


Untitled Infographic(3)

Melting mascara and panda eyes are so 1990. This year actors have been crying rivers, flaunting their makeup free faces, and for some unexplained reason, viewers are buying it.


Untitled Report

The hotter the actors, the bigger the social media buzz, the happier the women, the higher the viewership.


Untitled Infographic(1)

Twins or siblings have proven to be excellent material for a plot twist that will keep the viewers intrigued. This doesn’t necessarily mean the show will be one of the top three.


Untitled Infographic (Conflict Copy)

The one thing I am obsessed with in ‘El Ahd (El Kalam El Mobah)’ is the psychopathic, manipulative murderers that we love to hate. A sociopath takes the mosalsal to a whole new level of success.


Untitled Report(2)

A never aging celebrity is good gossiping material for housewives and, let’s face it, they are the viewers who count.



Egypt seemed to be obsessed with Mai Ezz El Din’s static face rather than her acting skills; a good meme that goes viral is the first step to the road of success.


Untitled Infographic(6)

Your favorite stars can always multi task in case one of their shows flop.



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