Mortada Mansour Promises to Ban Facebook If Elected Egypt’s Next President

Mortada Mansour Promises to Ban Facebook If Wins 2018 Presidential Elections

2018 is already taking us on an emotional roller coaster because Mortada Mansour might be your next Egyptian president.

Egyptian MP, Chairman of Zamalek Sporting Club and Lawyer announced this Saturday to TV presenter, Ahmed Moussa, that he plans on running in the upcoming presidential elections.

Scheduled for 26-28 March, Mansour will start collecting endorsements from MP members and governorates today.

Egyptian Army Chief-of-Staff Sami Anan and Leftist Lawyer and Activist Khaled Ali have also announced their intentions to run for presidency.

Following Mansour’s announcement, the lawyer promised that some of his first decisions as president of Egypt would be banning Facebook, as well as be working on solutions for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

WE SAID THIS: We’ll be impatiently waiting for social media reactions.