Morocco To Host The Biggest Motorbike Adventure Of The Season

Consider this scenario: you’re riding your motorcycle over the mountains, the colors around you turn into a blur as you gain speed and you think to yourself, ‘nothing can stop me.’ There are unique connections that develop as you lose yourself on a motorbike ride surrounded by nature. Being a motorcyclist gives you a tremendous sense of independence and freedom, allowing you to become a more calm person juxtaposing the adrenaline rush of the ride.

Morocco, with its many natural settings, is the ideal destination for anyone seeking a one-of-a-kind motorcycle trip. Morocco is a fantastic destination for bikers and adventure seekers, with easy navigation and a reputation as a go-to for adventure travel, according to National Geographic.

It’s no surprise that the Spanish travel agency “Pangea” has just teamed up with BMW Motorrad Spain on a motorcycle tourism initiative that includes international routes to a number of destinations, including Morocco. This is a tourism project that focuses on providing tourists with an experience that blends the joy of motorbikes and travel adventures in an authentic way. Furthermore, the two organizations hope to boost motorcycle tourism by making some of the world’s most exciting and scenic roads available to motorcyclists from all over the world through this relationship. According to Morocco World News, BMW Motorrad’s professional and licensed road leaders will accompany participants on the tour at all times to make things easier and safer. This is because maintaining the safety and pleasure of the motorcyclists is a top priority that will draw in a large number of visitors to the tour.

The tour’s start date is yet to be announced as the journey kicks off from Northern Morocco’s scenic Rif Mountains. The journey will continue through Fez and Marrakech before passing through the stunning Todra Gorges, which are a series of limestone river canyons in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. The long journey of self and travel will then carry on to exciting sites such as the Alps, Corsica, Sardinia, and Baja California in Mexico.

This is a tour that will promote not only Moroccan tourism but also the culture of Motorcycle Travel, which is becoming increasingly rare in the region. Some people may consider riding a motorcycle to be “hazardous,” but when you consider the thrill we go for the popular, ‘you only live once’ mentality!

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