Tips for Selling an Old Motorcycle

If you have finally decided to purchase a new motorcycle, one of the best ways to cover some of its costs is to sell the old one. At times, selling the old bike may also be required because of the limited space in your garage. Whatever is the reason, selling your old machine should not be difficult, provided you follow a systematic approach

The first step in selling a motorcycle is to set a realistic price. This will require some research on your part. Spend some time carrying out specific research using local classifieds, national motorcycle classifieds, and popular online destinations such as American Motorcycle Trading Company. Try to find listings of bikes with the same model and age as yours. Carefully note down all relevant details, asking prices, and contact details for each one. Also, don’t forget to check the used inventories of the local dealers. Contact these sellers later to find out if any of these motorcycles have been sold. If yes, try to figure out the price it was sold for. Assuming that your bike has no major flaws, try to price it near the top. 

Condition of the motorcycle

Once you have set the price, take a thorough and critical look at the motorcycle. There is no denying the fact that you love your old bike, but the prospective buyers will not value your sentiment. They will take a look at several aspects before purchasing it. Therefore, inspect your bike carefully, checking for dents or scratches, rust, aging parts, fuel stains, collected crud, etc. If possible, fix all these issues before you sell the bike. Please remember that failure to fix these cosmetic flaws will drive down the price of your motorcycle. Finally, make your motorcycle look like new again by applying wax or any other appropriate finishing material.

If you have customized your bike in the past, try to get it back to as stock as possible. Any potential buyer is likely to have his or her planned modifications, and may not value the ones you have done. Professionally done custom paints with a broad appeal can be an asset. However, if it is too unique, it is better to reduce the price.

Therefore, the aim here is to look at the bike through the eyes of a potential buyer with no emotional attachment to it and find out areas that can be a flaw for them. Then set a target price that provides a reflection of its true value.


Though appearance is not everything, but it is one of the top three factors while evaluating an old motorcycle. Therefore, clean everything including wiring, cables, spokes, inner portions of the lenses or turn signal, cervices, etc. If parts of the frame have got rubbed, retouch all such areas. Use specific cleaning materials to get the tar spots off the crankcase and bottom of the pipes. Remember to touch up if there is chipped paint anywhere on the bike. Finally, make your motorcycle look like new again by applying wax or any other appropriate finishing material. 

Running condition

Even if your motorcycle is running reasonably well, it is a good idea to put a fresh set of spark plugs. If you notice that the oil and other fluids are even slightly dirty, change them without a second thought. Also, ensure that the air filter is clean and all the controls are adjusted properly, as per the manual. 

Replacement of worn items

If you want a good price for your old motorcycle, replace all visibly worn components. This includes simple items such as belt, chain, sprockets, hand grips, shift rubbers, etc. If the tires are worn, you may either replace them or reduce the asking price accordingly.

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