More than half of men would love to receive flowers and here’s why!

In the standard relationship paradigm, the man is considered the giver, the provider, while the woman is the receiver, the one whose needs must be considered first.

However, we know that women can very well provide for themselves and men don’t necessarily enjoy all that responsibility placed on their shoulders.

Today’s modern couples understand this and work towards breaking antiquated social norms that don’t make sense. However, when it comes to gift-giving, flowers, and other forms of showing affection through physical objects, women are still the receivers.

If you check with a flower delivery service, they’ll tell you that most of their customers are men looking to get something for their date or partner.

So why not get rid of another old habit that’s just as senseless as the rest? Why not flip it and have men be at the receiving end of flowers?

Well, society taught many of us that men and flowers don’t really go together. Flowers are sensitive, soft, beautiful (all feminine characteristics) so a man receiving a beautiful bouquet as a romantic gesture would be out of the question. 

But has anyone asked the men?

Would men appreciate flowers as a romantic gesture?

A poll by the Society of American Florists revealed that 60% of men would like to receive flowers. However, they count themselves lucky if it happens once or twice in their life (as a romantic gesture). 

While some men may really like flowers and enjoy caring for them, for most guys out there, it’s the gesture that counts.

A woman who goes on a date holding a beautiful flower bouquet shows she is confident, kind, and open-minded. Furthermore, while it is such a small gesture, it will set you aside from other women, so it’s a nice way to show you’re different.

But flowers aren’t just for first dates. We often hear women complaining that their long-time partner hasn’t been offering them flowers and gifts as much, and yet, you never hear men complain about this.

So, if you want to rekindle your love connection and surprise your partner, flowers are the way to go! 

Since society is still entrenched in the idea that masculine men must stay away from flowers (unless it’s to show your appreciation for their career or something), it’s best to keep your romantic gesture private.

If you offer a man flowers in public as a romantic gesture, it may backfire on you as he may feel emasculated and embarrassed. 

What types of flowers do men like?

Roses, tulips, or gerbera? What flowers should I give my partner if I want to surprise him? Well, that question is a bit more difficult to ask, since some flowers are considered more feminine than others. 

Roses, for instance, are somewhat exclusively feminine. The same goes for other so-called fancy flowers like irises, tulips, or gardenias. So, if you’re not sure about his preferences in regards to flowers, take the safe road and offer some that are considered less feminine like birds of paradise, ginger flowers, or calla lilies.

Overall, in a healthy relationship, old gender stereotypes should remain in the past. Both men and women must be able to show affection and express their feelings freely without worrying that a certain action or desire may make them look weak or vain. 

In short ladies, flowers are an amazing way to show affection for the man in your life!

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