From Workshops With Design Experts To Spectacular Outdoor Installations – Here’s What To Expect At The Dubai Design Week 2021

Taking place from the 8-12th of November, the Dubai Design Week is making an impressive comeback for its seventh edition!

It features over 130 international and Middle Eastern brands so, Dubai really is hosting a celebration of global design! Which makes it even more of a better chance for networking and experiencing the work of other creative communities. If you haven’t yet, make sure to get your ticket here.

This year’s main themes are ‘regenerative architecture and restorative design’. With these in mind, the open-are pavilion will host a number of talks, workshops (including pottery, origami and prints), masterclasses, live interviews with design experts and of course some spectacular outdoor installations!

The marketplace also promises to be the avenue where all visitors will find and fall in love with their dream designs and trinkets.

Dubai Design Week

Don’t Miss This Talk: Translating The Fictive

“The ‘Translating the Fictive‘ talk will explore the topic of the relationship of realism and narrative through imagined, constructed and other relevant works within the RMJM global architecture practice”.

Don’t Miss This Installation: The Shape of Light

“The artists, Claudia Moseley and Edward Shuster, will show how consciousness can be opened towards deeper dimensions of luminosity, through ambitious, large-scale glass antiprisms.”

The UAE’s Distinct Art & Design Scene

Over the decades, the increasing globalization and subsequent wealth that graced the UAE has allowed the arts and culture there to continue in its groundbreaking direction!

The very first museum in the UAE was opened in 1969 by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in Abu Dhabi. And no one would have guessed that 50 years on, the UAE would inaugurate the Louvre in Abu Dhabi!

This cultural boom developed further in the ’80s, as the UAE’s Fine Arts Society was established in Sharjah and the country continued to invest in art galleries and auction houses to attract tourists.

Starting from the 2000s, clean-cut displays of opulence and luxury became the main attraction and namesake of Dubai and UAE culture.

Now the focus has become on integrating both luxury and futurism together as well as achieving what most like to think is impossible.

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